German Piano Open, Berlin, Germany


07-11.09.2017 — Master Classes

12-16.09.2017 — Piano Competition


STAGE 1: Solo

Each candidate will perform a program not to exceed
15 minutes in length. The repertoire will consist of works chosen by the Pianist, and must include 1 FREELY CHOSEN composition from the «Childhood Memories» Suite by Alexey Shor (contestant may use the scores during the performance)
The scores can be downloaded from the competition's homepage.

STAGE 2: FINAL with Orchestra

Each candidate will perform 2 Compositions for the Piano with Orchestra:
1. "Rubicon"  (approximately 5 minutes long)  - composition for piano and Orchestra by Alexey Shor. Competitors may use the scores during their performance.
The scores can downloaded here:
2. One of the Following Piano Concertos:
  • Beethoven. Concerto n.3, n.4, n.5
  • Chopin. Concerto n.1, n.2
  • Liszt. Concerto n.1, n.2
  • Schumann. Concerto
  • Grieg. Concerto
  • Rachmaninoff. Concerto n.2
  • Tchaikovsky. Concerto n.1

No work shall be repeated at any stage of the Competition.

• Accurate timings of all works chosen must be indicated on the enclosed Application Form.
• The Competition Repertoire may not be changed!!!